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Industrial Design Senior Principal

2004 - 2015 Dell


Senior Design Principle responsible for the Industrial and Experience design of all of Dells highly profitable OptiPlex and Precision branded desktop computers and workstations, from pre-concept through production, accounting for over $10 billion in annual revenue. Worked closely with marketing, engineering, and manufacturing executives and teams to drive strategic product line definition, alignment, segmentation, and optimization across 2 brands, 3 design languages, and over 12 interrelated form factors and accessories in simultaneous development, as well as account for common platform design and experience architecture, standards and best practices.

Defined and conducted extensive user research to identify issues and opportunities, as well as definition and design of primary user experience, usability and interaction models, and mechanical architecture, design language and development strategy, etc., from concept through manufacturing implementation. Routinely hired and managed diverse, world-class external and internal design resources across international design centers, in phases from pre-concept through engineering and manufacturing execution.

Was awarded Dells first international Best-of-the-Best RedDot design award for the purposeful and elegant integration of common user experience and design elements across the OptiPlex line, and reset competitive industry standards for workstation design with my grounds-up approach to Dell's Precision workstations, driving substantial reactive redesign efforts by our competitors.


Senior Design Principle for Dells enterprise storage products, brought in to give strategic and tactical focus to the integration of two substantial acquisitions into Dells storage business. Both acquisitions maintained existing product lines with unique design and user experience features. Worked as the only functional team member with product vision spanning all lines, developing and implementing strategies and tactics for evolution of all products to alignment with Dells iconic enterprise design and user experience language principles. Was the key driver for formulation and wide-spread adoption of enterprise-wide UX standards for product indicators, interaction, touch points, etc.


Developed several additional award-winning products for Dell, from pre-concept through manufacturing, including the Studio One, and the All-in-One Business and consumer PC line – a new product category for Dell; launched the Vostro branded line of desktops and notebooks in record time; developed peripherals such as the iconic dell mouse, webcams, and others; developed and refined one of Dells mobile precision workstations.